St Lucia Rainforest Tours

St Lucia Rainforest Tours

St. Lucia rainforests have ecosystems that contain the largest amount of biodiversity on the planet. There are many things and valuable pieces of information that people can discover about the rainforests, and can learn more about them in more than one exciting alternative ways provided by ecotourism park operators.

Fun Activities in the Rainforest

There are many exciting activities in St. Lucia rainforest that can fancy many travellers around the world. And some of them are things that most people would not expect to be possible to do within the tall trees and rich vegetation of the jungle. Here is a list of great things to do for adventurers, thrill seekers, and nature enthusiasts:

Nature Trail Hiking and Trekking – this is an everyday activity that is loved by adventurers of all ages, ranging from grade-schooler kids to adults who are young-at-heart. However, it is always advised that hikers should have a health condition before doing this activity since it is quite arduous.

Aerial Tram Gondolas – people who prefer to relax in their rainforest vacation can enjoy a great view of the wilderness above the trees by riding on the aerial tram gondolas. These are open-air cable cars that take the travellers on top of the forest canopy, giving them the opportunity to explore the rainforest from the ground to the treetops, breathe in pure oxygen, and feel the warm rain of the tropics.  Here is a closer look at what you can expect to see.

Canopy Zip Lining – in this activity, who would have thought that people can go on a fast and exhilarating zip line trip within the tall trees?. Tour operators make use of the trees to mount the zip line cables instead of installing them on man-made poles. In St. Lucia, one famous zip line activity is done during nighttime, enjoy the additional excitement of zipping under the light of the moon.

Wildlife Showcase – an adventure in the rainforest is not complete without the showcase of the wilderness. There are special areas in the ecotourism parks that are modified into gardens and natural zoos where the fauna of the rainforests are featured, such as butterflies, exotic frogs, snakes, small mammals, and birds.

Bobsledding – that’s right, riding a bobsled is also possible to do in the rainforest. Visitors are safely strapped into custom-designed, high-tech sledges and whooshed down a long track installed similar to a roller coaster, completely driven by gravity. As they slide through the dense tropical landscape, they will be able to control the speed with a special handbrake, allowing them to slow down just enough to drink in the wonder of their vacation in St Lucia rainforest.

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