St Lucia’s Scuba Diving

St Lucia is home to some of the most diverse and colorful underwater life anywhere in the world.  The island is actually part of an underwater volcano and the hot water vents create the conditions needed for some of the exotic life forms to thrive here.  The warm Caribbean water that surround the island make the island an ideal place for diving.  You can find seahorses, massive barrel sponges, angelfish, turtles, eels and of course a shark or two.  Here are some of the best places to dive in St Lucia.

St.Lucia’s Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens can be found at the food of Gros Piton, Petit and Gros Piton are the two mountains that are famous landmarks on the island.  There is great scenery to be found here both on land and in the water.  The coral here is stunning…thus the name, Coral Gardens.  The coral is healthy and you can find lots of fish swimming around the reefs.  Bring an underwater camera and snap some pics of harlequin shrimp, schools of snapper or soldierfish.  Have a closer look.

Fairy Land

Fairy land really is a magical place to dive, you can find it at the point of Anse Chastenet.  There are stronger currents here and that keeps the visibility pretty clear, like Coral Gardens this is another place where you want an underwater camera.  There are loads of colorful sponged and coral, making it one of the most beautiful dive spots on the island.  You can find squid, horseye jacks and silversides.  Be careful you may run into a wandering turtle.

Anse Chastanet Reef

Head to the southwest tip of the island to find one of the most dramatic dive sites.  You can access the shallow spots from the beach, they are only about 25 feet deep, but the coral wall will go from the 20 – 140 foot depths.  Living among the coral here are more than 150 species of fish.  Dive even deeper down and that is where you will find parrot fish, lobster, seahorses, moray eels and puffers.  Diving here is where you will see the most diverse samples of wildlife in the waters surrounding the island.  Again, you want to have a good underwater camera here to capture the variety of colorful corals and species you see here.

St Lucia is a great place to head to for your next vacation whether you are an avid scuba diver or not.  The scenery is beautiful, the food incredible and the hospitality is second to none.

Update *July 2018 : With the recent ban of ordinary everyday sunscreens in Hawaii, our visitors looking to snorkel and scuba dive in St.Lucia are asking us about the regulations regarding use of sunscreens in coral reefs mentioned in this article. Well, as of now, there are no strict laws/rules limiting use of oxybenzone based sunscreens in St.Lucia. However we would strongly suggest you use mineral based, nan nano particle sunscreens to do your part for the protection of our coral reefs. A good reef friendly sunscreen preferred by many of the island’s visitors is Sun Bum Reef Safe – and for other brands you can access a list of reef safe sunscreens here.

St Lucia Rainforest Tours

St Lucia Rainforest Tours

St. Lucia rainforests have ecosystems that contain the largest amount of biodiversity on the planet. There are many things and valuable pieces of information that people can discover about the rainforests, and can learn more about them in more than one exciting alternative ways provided by ecotourism park operators.

Fun Activities in the Rainforest

There are many exciting activities in St. Lucia rainforest that can fancy many travellers around the world. And some of them are things that most people would not expect to be possible to do within the tall trees and rich vegetation of the jungle. Here is a list of great things to do for adventurers, thrill seekers, and nature enthusiasts:

Nature Trail Hiking and Trekking – this is an everyday activity that is loved by adventurers of all ages, ranging from grade-schooler kids to adults who are young-at-heart. However, it is always advised that hikers should have a health condition before doing this activity since it is quite arduous.

Aerial Tram Gondolas – people who prefer to relax in their rainforest vacation can enjoy a great view of the wilderness above the trees by riding on the aerial tram gondolas. These are open-air cable cars that take the travellers on top of the forest canopy, giving them the opportunity to explore the rainforest from the ground to the treetops, breathe in pure oxygen, and feel the warm rain of the tropics.  Here is a closer look at what you can expect to see.

Canopy Zip Lining – in this activity, who would have thought that people can go on a fast and exhilarating zip line trip within the tall trees?. Tour operators make use of the trees to mount the zip line cables instead of installing them on man-made poles. In St. Lucia, one famous zip line activity is done during nighttime, enjoy the additional excitement of zipping under the light of the moon.

Wildlife Showcase – an adventure in the rainforest is not complete without the showcase of the wilderness. There are special areas in the ecotourism parks that are modified into gardens and natural zoos where the fauna of the rainforests are featured, such as butterflies, exotic frogs, snakes, small mammals, and birds.

Bobsledding – that’s right, riding a bobsled is also possible to do in the rainforest. Visitors are safely strapped into custom-designed, high-tech sledges and whooshed down a long track installed similar to a roller coaster, completely driven by gravity. As they slide through the dense tropical landscape, they will be able to control the speed with a special handbrake, allowing them to slow down just enough to drink in the wonder of their vacation in St Lucia rainforest.

St Lucia Black Sand Beaches

St Lucia Black Sand Beaches

If you are looking to relax and have a great adventure, you can never go wrong with a visit to St. Lucia, a great tourist destination in the Caribbean. The island is famous for its exotic beaches and none will quite capture your imagination like the black sand beaches. Although some of them have been mixed with white sand along various stretches, there are others that still retain their natural beauty.

Anse Cochon

The beach features a mixture of black and grey-colored sand. The Bay of Pigs, as it’s commonly referred to, is located on the central west coast and neighbors the Ti Kaye Village Resort. It is uncrowded and hence the perfect destination if you want some peace and quiet. If you are a Snorkeling and swimming fan, you will love the waters on this beach. Food and drinks are available if you are looking to spend a day at the resort.

Anse Des Pitons

It is referred to as the pitons beach because it is sandwiched between the twin volcanic peaks on the island: Gros Piton and Petit Piton. Naturally, it offers quite a view of the two peaks. Its natural black sand has been mixed with white sand, and this has earned it the nickname “Sugar Beach.” Like Anse Cochon, the beach is also a favorite for snorkelers. There are public bathrooms and snacks available just a stone throw away.

Anse Chastenet

Anse Chastenet beach is located just in front of the Anse Chastenet resort on the southwest coast of the island. The sand on this beach is black volcanic. You will enjoy the site of the towering mountains nearby and the palm tree-lined bays. If you love snorkeling, a marine reserve’s natural reefs, just off-shore, will be a perfect destination.

Soufriere Anse

Soufriere is the perfect beach if you want to escape the huge crowds. It is usually frequented by locals. This small beach features dark sand, and it will offer you an unparalleled view of the piton peaks. Although it is not suitable for snorkeling, Soufriere is very swim-friendly. Local restaurants are only a walking distance from the beach.

All the beaches on St Lucia island are public. Anyone can access any of them, even the ones located in front of the resorts. However, you can only access some of them by boat. With the wide range of options to choose from in this Caribbean island, you will certainly be spoiled for choice.